Meet Thomas Jefferson: statesman, ambassador, father, grandfather . . .

March 2006

Reading Level:

  • Elementary

March, 2006 issue of "AppleSeeds," an educational magazine for children and young adults, devoted to Thomas Jefferson.

 Articles include:

  • A chat with Thomas Jefferson (also known as William Barker) / by Barbara Hall
  • The house that Jefferson built / by Ann Jordan  
  • Reading corner : A magical pen / by Ruth Spencer Johnson  
  • Inalienable rights / by Leigh Anderson  
  • Grandpapa: inventor and man of science / by Janet Buckwalter 
  • "I rise with the sun": a day in the life of Thomas Jefferson / by Abigail Fitzwild 
  • With liberty and justice for all? / by Dianne Swann-Wright 
  • Thomas Jefferson, food pioneer / by Emily Goodman 
  • A moose, two grizzlies, and a bird named Dick / by Kimberley Wall 
  • Whose face is that? / by Dorothy Phillips Mobilia.