Letter from Cornelia Randolph to Thomas Jefferson

Letter from Cornelia Randolph to Thomas Jefferson
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Jefferson's granddaughter Cornelia writes to him about her reading.  Image courtesy, Papers of the Randolph Family of Edgehill, MSS 1397 (TB 1042), Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.


--page 1, right column-- 

Dear Grandpapa,

       I hope you will
excuse my bad writing,
for it is the first let-
ler I ever wrote, there
are a number of faults,
in it I know, but those
you will excuse.  I am

--page 2, left column--

reading a very pretty
little book called dra-
matic dialogues, that
mrs. smith gave
sister Ellen when
she was a little girl.
I am very much pleased
with it.  all the chil-

--page 2, right column--

dren send their love
to you.  we all want
to see you very much
  adieu my dear
      Grandpapa, believe
me to be your most
affectionate Grand-
daugher.     C.R.