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Student Slideshow Project


Grade Level



4 / 5

Author Info

Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Charlottesville, VA  22902

Type of Lesson

Research project


40 - 120 minutes
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Working alone or in groups, students will create their own slideshows using information and images found in the Monticello Classroom.
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  1. 5 minutes

    Have your students create their own accounts as Kids in the Monticello Classroom.

    Important: If you have given the students a Classroom Number to find this assignment, make sure you tell them to log out and log in using their new accounts.

  2. 5 minutes

    Assign your students their topics to research and present using the Slideshow Builder. Suggested topics include:

  3. 10 - 45 minutes

    Once the students have logged in, have them start researching and collecting images and information using the "Add to Favorites" links. There is a category for inserting images into the Slideshow Builder from their Favorites that makes it easier to create the presentation. This step can be assigned as homework.

  4. 15 - 30 minutes
    When the students are ready have them go back to the Slideshow Builder and start building their presentations. This step can be assigned as homework.
  5. 5 - 30 minutes
    Have the students send you their slideshows by using the "EMail" icon in the Slideshow Builder. You may also have the students give their slideshows in class.
  6. If you have created a class on this website you can use the "Copy to Assignment" link in the upper right corner of this page to have the link to the Slideshow Builder (see Related Assets below) be available as assignment for your students. The assignment will include a link to the Slideshow Builder and instructions for logging in, collecting images, and building a presentation.
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Technology Needs

Internet connection; computer and projector for classroom viewing of site and slideshows.
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