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Jefferson's Gardens: A Landscape of Opportunities: Section 4- The Art of Calligraphy


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Darla Gerlach, EdD
Shaler Area Middle School
1810 Mt. Royal Boulevard
Glenshaw, PA  15101

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Up to 1 month

Interdisciplinary Connections

This unit correlates with English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies curricula and Humanities curricula.
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Students will learn the art of beautiful handwriting used in our nation's historical documents and everyday writing in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Prior Knowledge

Students will be provided with information on the art of calligraphy during Jefferson's and our founding fathers' era.       

State Standards

PA Core Standards: Reading in History & Social Studies (6-8); Reading Informational Texts: CC.8.5.6-8.A,B,D-G,J; Writing in History & Social Studies (6-8); CC.8.6.6-8.A-I.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Students will learn calligraphy which can be utilized in projects in the unit "Jefferson's Gardens:  A Landscape of Opportunities" as well as other school projects. 

Technology Connections/outcomes

This section is coordinated with the following sections:  Jefferson’s Gardens: A Landscape of Opportunities: Introduction to Project-Based Learning and Instructions to the Unit, as well as:

Lesson 1 - A Perpetuating Flower Garden

Lesson 2 - An Experimental Vegetable Garden

Lesson 3 - Jefferson: Creating Personal Space for Self-Reflection

Additional Learning Outcomes

Students will gain an appreciation of the importance of handwriting in historical documents. 

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  1. See PowerPoint "Art of Calligraphy" under "Handouts and Downloads" and Video of Calligraphy Demonstration under "Websites."

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Related Assets

Handouts and Downloads


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Materials Needed

See the video under "Website": Writing with a Quill Pen 

Browse "Primary Documents & Jefferson Writings" for more information.

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