Thomas Jefferson and the American Ideal


Reading Level:

  • Elementary

Shorto, Russell. Thomas Jefferson and the American Ideal. 1987

Traces the life and achievements of the Virginian who wrote the Declaration of Independence and served as the third president of the United States.
 Juvenile, for grades 3-7 or so. Throws in a great deal of fictional, melodramatic conversation. Emphasizes western expansion, happy slaves, etc. -- Frank Shuffelton
 Detailed narrative of the life of Thomas Jefferson. The author uses historical events and people in Jefferson’s life to tell story of Jefferson’s political and personal life. This book is recommended for students ages 10-13, and is part of a series on historical figures. Included in the book are map activities, a glossary, a reference book list, and a list of topics for essays and reports. -- Laura Francis (Lynchburg College Student Intern, Summer 2005)