Topic: African Americans

Lesson Plan

Roles of African-Americans and their lives on Mulberry Row

To analyze primary resources, identify plantation duties and roles, and interpret a memoir of slave descendant.
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"London’s Virginia" Tobacco Label

Tobacco labels appeared on packages of tobacco or snuff. Within a decade of Virginia’s founding, tobacco was the colony’s major export. This label depicts white gentlemen relaxing in...
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13th Amendment

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, passed by Congress in January 1865 and ratified by the states in December of the same year, proclaimed an end to slavery...
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14th Amendment

This amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1866 and ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to those born in the United States, guaranteeing the rights of citizenship and equal...
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15th Amendment

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by Congress in 1869 and ratified by the states in 1870. It guaranteed that the right to vote would be...
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A Map of the Parish of St. Stephen in Craven Country (Detail)

This detail from a map of South Carolina shows an indigo plant. Enslaved people cultivated the indigo plants which produced a valuable blue dye used in making paper,...
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Address to the Public

Benjamin Franklin gave this speech to a Philadelphia anti-slavery society in 1789. As president of the society, Franklin argued for the abolition, or end, of slavery and also...
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An Overseer Doing His Duty

This image depicts a white overseer casually supervising the work of enslaved African women cultivating the tobacco crop in Virginia. Although some female slaves were assigned to do...
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In this essay, Virginia planter John Taylor considered the topic of agricultural labor. Pointing to the recent Haitian revolution, he warned that slavery could result in a bloody...
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Bannaker’s Almanac

This 1795 almanac was the fourth in a six-year series published by Benjamin Banneker, a free African American scientist, surveyor, and mathematician from Baltimore. Banneker helped survey the...