Topic: Agriculture & Farming

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An Overseer Doing His Duty

This image depicts a white overseer casually supervising the work of enslaved African women cultivating the tobacco crop in Virginia. Although some female slaves were assigned to do traditional women’s...
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In this essay, Virginia planter John Taylor considered the topic of agricultural labor. Pointing to the recent Haitian revolution, he warned that slavery could result in a bloody race war...
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B. Rush Proposes a System of Public Schools for Pennsylvania

Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania wrote this book to promote public education in his state. Rush wanted children to receive at least a basic education at a tax-supported “free school” because...
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Codicil to Will

In this amendment to his will, Jefferson freed 5 of his 162 slaves. Two of the five were Madison and Eston Hemings, his sons by his enslaved mistress, Sally Hemings,...
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Confidential Letter to Congress

In this letter to Congress, President Jefferson explained his plan to use trade as a weapon in his effort to put more white farmers on Indian land. Jefferson wanted to...
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Drawing of Moldboard of Least Resistance

This drawing by Jefferson shows some of his calculations for his new moldboard

Exploring Monticello: A Guide for Young People

An illustrated brochure developed for younger visitors to Monticello.  Includes fun and interesting facts about Jefferson and his plantation, and introduces members of Jefferson's family and the enslaved community through their daily activities and work.

Lesson Plan

Forging Independence within the Confines of Plantation Life

Over the course of his lifetime, Thomas Jefferson owned over six hundred enslaved African Americans. While he only freed a small handful –either during his life, or upon his death–...
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Grapes in the Monticello Vineyard

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Indian Blood Cling Peach

Jefferson grew ‘Indian Blood Cling’ peaches at Monticello....