Topic: American Revolution

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Declaration of Independence

Original copy of the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives in Washington, DC.
Lesson Plan

Follow me on Twitter!: Thomas Jefferson Tweets the 2nd Continental Congress

What if Thomas Jefferson had  Twitter account?  This lesson plan is targeted for middle-high school students of United States History who are competent in using technology in and out of...
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George Washington

Line engraving of George Washington's profile
Lesson Plan

Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence — For ELD Students

Using a powerpoint lecture with language sheltering techniques, students learn about Enlightenment thinkers' beliefs that inspired the Declaration of Independence, analyze the Declaration's most famous part (in its original wording),...
Lesson Plan

Jefferson and the Enlightenment

What does his gravestone say about him?
Lesson Plan

Jefferson’s International Relevance: The Declaration of Independence

In this lesson, students will discuss the idea of globalization existing, not as a late twentieth century phenomenon, but as a process taking place as early as the late eighteenth...
Lesson Plan

Know Your Rights Using Primary Sources: Listing your own grievances

Students will be working in pairs examining three primary sources -listing the grievances in the Declaration of Independence, the individual rights listed in the U.S. Bill of Rights (creating one...
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Copy of a bust of Lafayette created by Jean-Antoine Houdon
Lesson Plan

Overrated or Undervalued?

Understanding the historical significance of the contributions of Thomas Jefferson during the American Revolution, the creation of the Union, his presidential term, and his retirement years, as well as an...
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Surrender of Lord Cornwallis

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis by John Trumbull. Image courtesy the Architect of the Capitol....