Topic: Economics

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Bank of Pennsylvania

This is an image of the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the architect of the U.S. Capitol, the bank was first established in 1780 in...
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Boston Port Act

The Boston Port Act, closed the port of Boston to all trade until residents compensated the East India Company for the cost of the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea...
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British Imports from France

This image from 1757 satirizes the English dependence on French imported goods. Although the British were in the midst of fighting a war against France in North America and in...
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Charleston Non-Importation Agreement

This 1769 document is an agreement in which the residents of Charleston agreed to boycott all goods imported from England. In protest against British policies, residents agreed to produce their...
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Cod Fish

Cod fish were the single largest trade good exported from colonial New England. New Englanders fished off the coast as far north as the Grand Banks in Canada. After being...
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Codicil to Will

In this amendment to his will, Jefferson freed 5 of his 162 slaves. Two of the five were Madison and Eston Hemings, his sons by his enslaved mistress, Sally Hemings,...
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Confidential Letter to Congress

In this letter to Congress, President Jefferson explained his plan to use trade as a weapon in his effort to put more white farmers on Indian land. Jefferson wanted to...
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Crowd Supporting Lech Walesa

In Poland, this labor union, Solidarity, led the fight for democracy in the 1980s. Non-violent and anti-communist, Solidarity survived government repression to become a major political force. The movement’s leader,...
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Currency Act

The Currency Act of 1764 forbade colonists from using paper money as legal tender to pay their public or private debts. This measure represented an effort by Parliament to prevent...