Topic: Geography

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North America

This map shows North America after the Treaty of Paris ends the Seven Years’ War on February 10, 1763. France gives up its Canadian provinces to Britain. Britain...
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Revolution of the Mind

The word “revolution” can take on a number of meanings. Most often we think of it in terms of the forcible overthrow of one government and the institution...
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Stepping Stones to the American Revolution

Was the American Revolutionary War an event that the colonists and British Parliaments had to participate in to achieve the true ideas of liberty and independence?
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The Louisiana Purchase

Was the Thomas Jefferson a successful president?
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Timely Matter

Was the news spread throughout the Thirteen Colonies in a timely matter, and what implications might that have to the American Revolution?
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Toms’s Better: Lewis and Clark: Explorers or Conquerors?

When Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France, he commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory. What was the purpose behind this mission? Were they sent...