Topic: Monticello House & Gardens

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Paint box and palette

Image of a painting palette and a box of paints believed to have been used by Jefferson’s granddaugther Cornelia...
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This pincushion is believed to have been made by Jefferson’s wife, Martha Wayles Jefferson...
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Jefferson owned several versions of the Polygraph, which he to make copies of his letters as he wrote them.
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Restored Privy located on the North end of the all weather passage....
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Reproduction of Mandan Buffalo Robe

This buffalo robe is based on a robe similar to one sent back from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The images depict a battle between the Mandan Indians and their...
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School Lessons in the South Square Room

The South Square Room at Monticello was used as a family sitting room as well as a classroom for Jefferson's grandchildren. People in the picture:  Martha Jefferson Randolph, standing Virginia...
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Servant Bell

Bells, like this one still attached to its spring, were once part of a system that Jefferson and his family could use to summon 'house servants' or call guests to...
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Snow Eggs Recipe

James Hemings's recipe for "Snow Eggs" written out by Jefferson's granddaughter, Virginia.  Image courtesy Papers of Trist and Burke Family Members, MSS 5385-f, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. ...
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South Sqaure Room

View of the South Square Room, which served as a classroom and private sitting for the family