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Alexander Hamilton

Jefferson's bust of Alexander Hamilton by Giuseppe Ceracchi
Lesson Plan

Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for AP High School and College Classrooms

A resource guide designed for advanced placement high school and college classrooms, created to accompany the film THOMAS JEFFERSON’S WORLD...

Anne (Ann) Cary Randolph Bankhead, Jefferson’s granddaughter

Anne was born in 1791 at Monticello. She was the daughter of Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph. She was Thomas Jefferson’s oldest grandchild. Anne shared her grandfather’s love of gardening. In 1808, Thomas Jefferson sent Anne a plan for his new flower garden. It showed winding walkways through beds of flowers. In 1808,…

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Anne Cary Randolph Bankhead

Portrait by James Westhall Ford

Benjamin Franklin Randolph, Jefferson’s grandson

            Benjamin was born in 1808. His mother was Martha Jefferson Randolph. His father was Thomas Mann Randolph. He studied medicine at the University of Virginia. In 1831, Benjamin married Sally Carter. They lived at Round Top, a 642 acre farm not far from Monticello. They had three children.            Benjamin was a farmer, Virginia state…

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Breakfast with the Madisons

Artist G.B. McIntosh imagines breakfast at Monticello with James and Dolley Madison as guests. Seen in the picture are: enslaved child Israel Gillette, age 12 carrying in food;...

Burwell Colbert, an enslaved butler

Burwell Colbert was born a slave in 1783. At ten years old, he began working in the nail-making shop at Monticello. He trained to be a painter and a glazier, a person who sets glass in window panes. In 1805, Jefferson wrote that Burwell “paints and takes care of the house.” In later years, Burwell…

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Bust of John Adams

Bust of John Adams in Jefferson’s Cabinet. Copy of an origial by J. B. A. Binon...

Cornelia Jefferson Randolph, Jefferson’s granddaughter

Cornelia was born at Monticello in 1799. Her mother was Martha Jefferson Randolph. Her father was Thomas Mann Randolph. Her grandfather was Thomas Jefferson. Cornelia loved to spend time at Monticello with her grandfather. She learned about drawing and art. She liked to sketch plans for buildings. Cornelia never married. As an adult she lived…


Edith Hern Fossett, an enslaved cook

Edith Hern was born in 1787. Her father was David Hern, a carpenter. Her mother was Isabel, a housemaid and farm worker. Both were slaves. Edith married Joseph Fossett, and they had ten children.When Thomas Jefferson was president, he picked Edith to train to be a cook in the White House. For almost seven years,…