Topic: U.S. History

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Founding Daughter: Commemorating the Life & Leadership of Martha Jefferson Randolph

After researching the life of Martha Jefferson Randolph, students will formulate questions, interpret primary sources and construct evidence to support an argument. Students will be able to answer...
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Lewis and Clark: Explorers or Conquerors?

When Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France, he commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory. What was the purpose behind this mission? Were they sent...
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Unconventional Enemies: Should the United States negotiate with terrorists?

This lesson plan helps students make connections between Thomas Jefferson’s handling of the Barbary Pirates and contemporary presidential actions toward unconventional enemies of the United States, including Jimmy...
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Your Reason for Treason

The actions of the revolutionaries could be considered treason against their British king. Which one of these grievances listed by the revolutionaries in the Declaration of Independence would...
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Revise and Finalize: The Declaration of Independence from the Rough Draft to the Final Copy

This lesson focuses on comparing Thomas Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence with the final copy. Examining the creation of the Declaration of Independence will deepen...
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Jefferson and the Idea of State’s Rights

Jefferson and his political rival differed greatly on the idea of national government and “state’s rights.” But what were some of those differences? Use two of the primary...
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Lansdowne Portrait of George Washington

This portrait of George Washington was painted in 1796 by Gilbert Stuart. Known as the Landsdowne portrait, it is one of the most famous images of the first...
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"Bring your broom ’cause it’s a mess!"

During the election of 1800, significant amounts of mudslinging occurred between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, along with their supporters. We know of the accusation made about John...
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"Hey, I Didn’t Say That!"

When taken out of context, quotes can have an entirely different meaning from what was originally intended.
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"Hey, I Didn’t Say That!": Using Quotes in Context

When taken out of context, quotes can have an entirely different meaning from what was originally intended. What would be the consequences of taking a quote out of...