Topic: World History

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Battle at San Domingo

This painting shows Polish troops (who were employed by the French) fighting Haitian revolutionaries in 1791. Blacks in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) wanted to end slavery and French imperial rule. Their...
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Black South Africans Vote

South African’s black majority voted for the first time in these 1994 elections. The result was the end of white minority rule. The African National Congress became the ruling party...
Lesson Plan

Challenge 1

This will be the overall project
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Crowd During Velvet Revolution

This photograph shows demonstrators during the Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia’s non-violent pro-democracy movement. As the Soviet Union collapsed, Communist governments fell throughout Eastern Europe. In late 1989, peaceful protest brought down...
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Eleanor Roosevelt Holding a Declaration of Human Rights Poster

Eleanor Roosevelt displays the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United Nations adopted in 1948. The idea of unalienable natural rights is central to this document, as it is...
Lesson Plan

Everyone’s A Critic: Declaration opponents

SKILL: How do you write a review? CONTENT: How was the Declaration of Independence perceived by those loyal to the British? Students will read British philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s “Short Review...
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Female Pashtun after Voting

In 2005, a Pashtu woman displayed her inked finger to show she voted in Afghanistan’s election. Although no women and many men did not have the right to vote in...
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Fighting at the Hotel de Ville

This painting memorializes the revolution of July 1830 in Paris, which resulted in the creation of a constitutional monarchy. Another revolution established a republic in 1848; Louis Bonaparte (later known...
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Gandhi Addressing His Followers

Here Mahatma Gandhi speaks to thousands of supporters in Delhi at the beginning of India’s struggle for independence. By teaching non-violence as a means of protesting and ultimately overthrowing British...
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Jefferson to Albert Gallatin

In this letter to Albert Gallatin, Jefferson expressed his desire to recruit top European academics, particularly scientists, for his new university. When the University of Virginia held its first classes...