Transcript for: The Sons of Liberty


Baltimore Town 8 March 1766

Your letter of the 14th ult. to our Wm Lux was laid before the Society of the Sons of Liberty here, who have appointed us the Subscribers a committee of Correspondence to receive and answer all letters, as well as to advise you that we firmly unite with you for the preservation of our constitutional rights, and liberties. To this end our Society at their meeting made the following resolve
“That we will cheerfully cooperate with, and second all just endeavours made by our fellow subjects in the neighbouring colonies, to prevent the execution of that most unconstitutional Act commonly called the Stamp Act. And that we will pursue every necessary method to oppose the introduction of that, or any other oppressive, arbitrary, and illegal measure, amongst them, or ourselves.” which we hope will convince you of their steady adhereness to the cause. Our Society have also endeavoured to form a union of all the countys in this province, and from our intelligence since rec’d we find it succeeds as we could wish as the whole province seems unanimous in prosecuting the same design. We have also forwarded copies of our proceedings to our neighbouring colony of Virginia, and from our latest acc’t find the people there animated with the same sentiments of liberty and therefore doubt not it will produce the desired effect.

Considering the great inconveniences arising from the occlusion of the publick offices, we endeavoured lately to have them opened that business might be carried on as usual. Agreeable to this undertaking we proceeded to Annapolis, having previously invited our Brethren in the neighbouring counties to meet us there, but the warning being so short, few could attend, however we made trial, and for our success we refer you to the Inclosed Gazette printed acc’t of our proceedings. Our society order us in a particular manner to return thanks to your Sons of Liberty for obliging our fugitive Stamp Master to resign his odious office, he having fled from the just resentment of his injured countrymen.

We are
Your most Ob’t Serv’ts,
Thos. Chase
Willm Lux
D. Chamier
Rob Alexander
Rob. Adair