Transcript for: Letter from Jefferson to his granddaughter Ellen



My dearest Ellen,                         Washington Mar. 4. 05

      I owe a letter to you & one to your sister Anne.  but
the pressure of the day on which this is written, and your 
Papa's departure permits me to write only to you, to inclose
you a poem about another namesake of yours, and some other
pieces worth preserving.   as I expect Anne's volume is now large
enough, I will begin to furnish you with materials for one –
I know you have been collecting some yourself; but as I expect
there is some tag, rag & bobtail verse among it you must begin a
new volume for my materials.  I am called off by company
therefore god bless you, my dear child, kiss your Mama and
sisters for me, & and tell them I shall be with them in about a week
from this time.  once more adieu.

                                                         Th: Jefferson