Septimia Anne Randolph Meikleham, Jeffersons granddaughter

Reading Level: Elementary School

Septimia was born in 1814 at Monticello. Her mother was Martha Jefferson Randolph. Her father was Thomas Mann Randolph. Septimia was Thomas Jefferson’s seventh and youngest granddaughter. Her family often called her "Tim".

After her grandfather died, Septimia went with her mother to Boston. They lived at the home of her sister, Ellen. Septimia attended a day school. She learned to play the piano and guitar.

In 1838, Septimia married Dr. David Scott Meikleham. They lived in Cuba for eight years. They moved to New York City where Dr. Meikleham was a doctor. They had four children.

In 1849, Septimia’s husband died. To pay the bills, Septima opened a boarding house. She died in 1887.