Anne (Ann) Cary Randolph Bankhead, Jefferson’s granddaughter

Reading Level: Middle School

Anne was born in 1791 at Monticello. She was the daughter of Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph. She was Thomas Jefferson’s oldest grandchild and shared his love of gardening. In 1808, Jefferson sent Anne a plan for his new flower garden which including winding walkways. Later he wrote, "The flowers come forth like the belles of the day."

In 1808, Anne married Charles Bankhead, the son of one of Jefferson’s closest friends. They bought the plantation next to Monticello, which they named Carlton. However, Charles was described as a "wretched castaway" who was often in a "drunken fury." Anne died in 1826 after the birth of her son. Her beloved grandfather, Thomas Jefferson, died five months later. She was buried at Monticello in the family graveyard.