George Wythe Randolph, Jefferson's grandson


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Mary, Cornelia, and George Wythe Randolph

Mary, Cornelia, and George Wythe Randolph

Detail from View of the West Front of Monticello and Garden by Jane Braddick Peticolas showing George Wythe playing with a hoop.
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            George was born in 1818 at Monticello. His mother was Martha Jefferson Randolph. His father was Thomas Mann Randolph. He was their last child. He was named for his grandfather’s law teacher.

            From 1831-1839, George served in the United States Navy. He studied at the University of Virginia. In 1841, he received a law degree.

            In 1852, George married Mary Elizabeth Adams Pope. They lived in Richmond, Virginia. They had no children.

            During the Civil War, George was a Brigadier General in the Confederate army. He died in 1867 and was buried at Monticello.