About the Monticello Digital Classroom

stonypoint-wholegroupThe Monticello Digital Classroom contains a wealth of scholarly information about Thomas Jefferson, his ideas, and life at Monticello. The archive includes lesson plans, articles, and multimedia content for use by teachers, students, and scholars of all levels. All materials are cross-referenced, searchable, and available for download.

googleexThe new Monticello Digital Classroom, launched in 2017, combines content from the prior classroom archive with materials from the Sea of Liberty website. We hope you enjoy the new site and find the materials you’re looking for! If you have comments or suggestions about how the site can be improved, please fill out our contact form to share your ideas with us.

For more information about Monticello, please visit our website at Monticello.org.


This website was made possible through the generous support of the John & Amy Griffin Foundation, Inc.

Generous support was also provided by the Coca Cola Foundation, the sponsor of Monticello’s Liberty Today Initiative.¬† Teachers contributed lesson plans and materials that teach the connections between the ideals of liberty and the requirements for self-government.

All Sea of Liberty materials come from the Monticello exhibit, The Boisterous Sea of Liberty, which was developed through the generous support of Howard and Abby Milstein.