Topic: People Profiles

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Bust of Thomas Jefferson

Bust of Thomas Jefferson created by the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon in 1789.
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Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Sully

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Sully
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‘Edgehill’ portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart
Lesson Plan

Enslavement and the Enslaved at Monticello

In this lesson, lives of enslaved people living at Monticello will be explored, analyzed, and documented by students. Enslaved people such as Sally Hemings and her family, along with other...
Lesson Plan

A Deplorable Entanglement: Picturing Race and Gender at Monticello

Students will use image and document analysis to gain an understanding of slave life in general, slave life specifically at Monticello, and how the concepts of race and gender play...
Lesson Plan

Jefferson & Washington: The Pursuit of Happiness

At the time of George Washington’s death in 1799, the relationship between ‘Founding Brothers’ Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had disintegrated, primarily as the result of a personal letter Thomas...
Lesson Plan

Roles of African-Americans and their lives on Mulberry Row

To analyze primary resources, identify plantation duties and roles, and interpret a memoir of slave descendant.

Brief Biography of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is famous for writing the Declaration of Independence and for being the third president of the United States. Jefferson had many other interests and identities. He loved architecture and designed his own house. He loved science and studied the natural world. He was a plantation owner. He was a father and grandfather to his large family. Jefferson lived a very long and full life.

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Thomas Jefferson

Copy of a portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale; copy by James L. Dick.
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Travelin’ TJ

Help Thomas Jefferson see the modern world! Print out and color an image of Travelin’ TJ. Then take a picture of him next to: a national or local landmark your...