Student Activities

The Monticello Classroom provides links to fun activities. You can design your own neoclassical house, create slideshows to share in your classroom, send a secret coded message, or write a letter to Thomas Jefferson.

Digital Education Programs at Monticello

Would you like to talk to Monticello educators in person about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello? Now you can with our digital education programs! We offer two different digital education programs...

Kahoot Quizzes

Kahoot quizzes are a fun way to prepare students for a visit to Monticello or test their knowledge after completing a unit on Jefferson.

Travelin’ TJ

What do you think Jefferson would want to see if he were alive today? Take a picture with Travelin’ TJ on your next adventure near or far.

Build Your Own House

Learn more about what makes Monticello neoclassical and design your own house. Name it and send it to a friend!