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Continue learning about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello after your visit! Below are activities for your students to do at home, sorted by topic.

Thomas Jefferson: Nation Builder


  • Monticello for Kids Livestream: How to Talk about the History of Race and Slavery
  • Lesson Plan: The Evolving Legacy of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

Historic Recipes

  • Make Monticello Muffins! Get the recipe and watch a how-to video here
  • Make Jeffersonian ice cream! Get the recipe here and watch a how-to video here

Most of the work in the Monticello kitchens was performed by highly skilled enslaved laborers. Find out more about the enslaved men and women, like James Hemings and Edith Hern Fossett, who prepared and served meals for Jefferson and his family.


  • Lesson plan: Thomas Jefferson- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Flora at Monticello
  • Download the Monticello Farm Table Vegetable Garden Placemat

The work in the Monticello gardens was done by enslaved laborers. Find out more about Wormley Hughes, principal enslaved gardener at Monticello.