Enjoying Monticello’s West Lawn


copyright: Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.; watercolor by G.B. McIntosh


Artist G.B. McIntosh imagines some of the activities that took place on Monticello's West Lawn during the spring of 1820. Seen in this picture from left to right are: Benjamin Franklin Randolph, age 12 rolling a hoop; Meriwether Lewis Randolph, age 10 chasing behind him; Thomas Jefferson, age 77; Septimia Anne Randolph, age 6 chasing her older brothers; Mary Jefferson Randolph, age 17 cutting flowers; George Wythe Randolph, age 2 looking into the water; enslaved child-minder Priscilla Hemmings, age 44; and enslaved child Tucker Hern, age 10 catching a fish in Monticello's fish pond.

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