Topic: Architecture

Lesson Plan

It’s All French to Me

Exploring Jefferson’s relationship with France and how it impacted the founding of America and his legacy in our nation
Lesson Plan

Math, Science, Columns!

The Math and Science Behind the Architecture of the Columns of Monticello. For this exercise, we will focus on several mathematical and scientific properties of the doric order columns that...
Lesson Plan

Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Autobiography

What was Thomas Jefferson’s public persona and private personality? In this lesson students will use Monticello, Jefferson’s meticulously designed home, as a primary source in their analysis and eventual determination...
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Jefferson Nickel Artwork

Artwork for the Jefferson Nickel, which was redesigned in 2006....
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44th Annual Naturalization Keynote

In this July 4 naturalization ceremony speech at Monticello, the architect IM Pei begins by admiring Jefferson’s skill in designing Monticello and his interest in exploring other cultures. As an...
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A General View of the City of London

This print shows an artist’s view of the city of London and the Thames River in 1760. The English capital had about 750,000 people and was by far the largest...
Lesson Plan

A Little Rebellion is a Good Thing

This lesson is designed to be a culminating activity to learning about both Shays’ and Whiskey Rebellions, and the role they played in the timeline of changing American government. There...
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A View of the House of Peers

This image depicts a meeting of the British Parliament at Westminster Palace. The hereditary House of Lords (or Peers) occupies the center of the great hall. Members of the elected...
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Back of the Pennsylvania State House

This is an image of the Pennsylvania State House, later known as Independence Hall. Delegates from 12 of the 13 states met there in 1787 to debate changes to the...