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What Does July 4th Mean to You?

July 4th brings to mind fireworks, parades, and picnics but what are we celebrating when we remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence? What does July 4th mean to...
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It’s All French to Me

Exploring Jefferson’s relationship with France and how it impacted the founding of America and his legacy in our nation
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Hashtag- What Would Thomas Jefferson’s Instagram Stream Reveal about Him?

A person’s online social media presence can reveal a great deal about his or her interests, political views, and personality. In this lesson, students will analyze a number of different...
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And the Winner Is…

The American Revolution can be best characterized by testing authority, deciding loyalties, and above all else, questioning the way things worked. Where, and how, do we see five universal character...
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Breaking the Chains of Slavery

You have been hired by Frederick Douglass to create a public service announcement advocating for the abolition, or end, of slavery. Your public service announcement should contain images and quotes...
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Challenge 1

This will be the overall project
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Learning & Liberty: Painting Puzzle

You and your team have been asked to uncover the hidden meanings in the painting, Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences. But the trick is, you each have a different...
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New School Challenge

You get to create a new school! Thomas Jefferson did that when he founded the University of Virginia. Create a promotional poster that answers the following: How is your school...
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Paint box and palette

Image of a painting palette and a box of paints believed to have been used by Jefferson’s granddaugther Cornelia...