Topic: Jefferson's Personal Life & Family

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Under Waiscoat owned by Jefferson


Virginia Jefferson Randolph Trist, Jeffersons granddaughter

In 1801, Virginia was born at Monticello. Her mother was Martha Jefferson Randolph. Her father was Thomas Mann Randolph. Virginia spent much of her childhood at Monticello. She enjoyed being with her grandfather, Thomas Jefferson. Virginia wrote that her grandfather, "would gather fruit for us." Virginia married Nicholas Philip Trist. He was the grandson of…

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We’ve Totally Been Here – A look at Five Visitors to Monticello Throughout Five Different Time Periods in American History

Lesson Overview: This lesson looks at visitors to Monticello during five different time periods throughout Thomas Jefferson’s life. The lesson gives students an idea of travel to Monticello, life at...
Lesson Plan

Who was Thomas Jefferson? Exploring the Many Facets of Thomas Jefferson

As an introduction to Thomas Jefferson, students will discover the many facets of his life beyond being the author of The Declaration of Independence. Using primary sources, internet research, and...