Topic: Lewis & Clark & the Louisiana Purchase

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Empire of Liberty or Empire of Slavery?

This three-stage lesson explores Thomas Jefferson’s plans to create an “Empire of Liberty” and the problems he faced in realizing his goals. In so doing, it considers the state of...
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Jefferson and Expansion: Scaffolding Student Understanding of Cause and Effect

This lesson focuses on the following prompt: “Analyze the causes of and the resulting issues from the Louisiana Purchase. Concentrate your answer between the years 1790-1820.” The lesson will allow...
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Hashtag- What Would Thomas Jefferson’s Instagram Stream Reveal about Him?

A person’s online social media presence can reveal a great deal about his or her interests, political views, and personality. In this lesson, students will analyze a number of different...
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Lewis and Clark: Explorers or Conquerors?

When Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France, he commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory. What was the purpose behind this mission? Were they sent as explorers...
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for Middle School Classrooms

A resource guide geared towards middle school classrooms, designed to accompany the 20-minute film Thomas Jefferson’s World...
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for AP High School and College Classrooms

A resource guide designed for advanced placement high school and college classrooms, created to accompany the film THOMAS JEFFERSON’S WORLD...
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Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson

An Overview of the Man
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Jefferson’s International Relevance: National Expansion

In this lesson, students will learn about the different ways a country can extend its boundaries by examining the context of the Louisiana Purchase in American history. Students will begin...
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Jefferson’s Cipher to Lewis & Clark, Was It Necessary?

In this lesson, students will study the journals of Lewis and Clark and analyze the journals, specifically looking at information in the journal entries that describe hardships faced by Lewis...
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Lewis and Clark Artifacts Arrive at Monticello

Artist G. B. McIntosh imagines the arrival at Monticello of a shipment of items sent to Thomas Jefferson by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in the spring of 1806. Seen in the...