Transcript for: Guinea Slaves


By Cowper & Telfairs,
of 170 prime young likely healthy
Just imported in the Bark Friends, William Ross Master, directly from Angola.
Savannah, July 25, 1774.


To be Sold at Private Sale, any Time before the 18th of next Month,
Te Plantation, containing one hundred acres, on which the subscriber lives, very pleasantly situated on Savannah River in fight of town. The terms of sale may be known by applying to
July 21. 1774

Richard Wylly



An Overseer thoroughly qualified to undertake the settlement of a River Swamp Plantation on the Alatamaha River. Any such person, who can bring proper recommendations, may hear of great encouragement by applying to

Nathaniel Hall.


The subscriber being under an absolute necessity of closing his concerns without delay, gives this last publick notice, tat all persons indebted to him by bond, note or otherwise, who do not discharge the same by the first of October next, will find their respective obligations, & in the bands of an Attorney to be sued for without distinction. It is hoped tho e concerned will avail themselves of this notice.

Philip Box


Run Away the 20th of May last from Jon Forbes, Esq’s plantation in St. John’s paris. TWO NEGROES, named BILLY and QUAMINA, of te Guinea Country, and speak good Englis. Billy is lusty and well made, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inces high, of a black complection, has lost some of his upper teeth, and had on when he went away a white negroe cloth jacket and trowsers of the same. Quamina is stout and well made, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, very black, has his country marks on his face, had on when he went away a jacket, trowsers and robbin, of white negroe cloth. Whoever takes up said Negroes, and deliver them to me at the above plantation, or to the Warden of the Work House in Savannah, shall receive a reward of 20S. besides what the law allows.

Davis Austin