Transcript for: George Washington’s Diary


Thursday 13th. Attended Convention. Dined at the Vice Presidents Chas. Biddles. drank Tea at Mr. Powells.

Friday 14th. Attended Convention. Dined at the City Tavern, at an entertainmt. given on my acct. by the City light Horse. Spent the evening at Mr. Meridiths.

Saturday 15th. Concluded the business of Convention, all to signing the proceedings; to effect which the House sat till 6 Oclock; and adjourned till Monday that the Constitution which it was proposed to offer to the People might be engrossed and a number of printed copies struck off. Dined at Mr. Morris’s & spent the evening there.

Sunday 16th. Wrote many letters in the forenoon. Dined with Mr. and Mrs. Morris at the Hills & returned to town in the Eveng.

Monday 17th. Met in Convention when the Consti-tution received the Unanimous assent of 11 States and Colo. Hamilton’s from New York (the only delegate from thence in Convention) and was subscribed to by every Member present except Govr. Randolph and Colo. Mason from Virginia & Mr. Gerry from Massachusetts. The business being thus closed, the Members adjourned to the City Tavern, dined together and took a cordial leave of each other-after which I returned to my lodgings-did some business with, and received the papers from the secretary of the Convention, and retired to meditate on the momentous wk. which had been executed, after not less than five, for a large part of the time Six, sometimes 7 hours sitting every day, sundays and the ten days adjournment to give a Comee. opportunity and time to arrange the business for more than four Months.

Tuesday 18th. Finished what private business I had to do in the City this forenoon. Took my leave of those families in wch. I had been most intimate. Dined [early at Mr. Morris’s with whom & Mr. Gouvr. Morris I parted at Grays ferry and reached Chester in Company with Mr. Blair who I invited to a seat in my Carriage ’till we should reach Mount Vernon.]