Transcript for: Jolley Allen in The Boston Post Boy


Now ready for Sale, at the most reasonable Rate,
Jolley Alen,
At his Shop almost opposite the Heart and Crown, in Cornhill,

Superfine, middling and low-priced Broad-Cloths, such as scarlet, crimson, black, claret, blue and cloth colored; some of the cloth-colored as low as 33s, old Tenor, per yard,
Superfine, middling, & low prized Kerseys, of various colors; with a large assortment of plain knapt beaver coating, bath beavers, and coat bindings,
Superfine London german serges of most colors, at 36s. O. T, per yard, and some at 33s.

Bearskins of different colors,
Red & blue duffels, and shag,
Plain and silk sagathys, and duroys, of the newest and most fashionable colors, very cheap,
Neat damascus and nankeens for mens jackets,
Black and cloth colored cotton velvets,
Mens and womens black silk velvets,
Rich black satin for mens jackets, white ditto,
Worsted plush & hair shag of different colors,
Velvet shapes for jackets, plain & figured everlasting, and drawboys,

Thicksets and fustians of all colors and prices, with black scarlet and crimson worsted thicksets,
London and Bristol shalloons, tammies, durants, and Calamancos of all colors and prizes,
Blue, green and cloth colored half thicks,
Scarlet, crimson, pink, red & green baizes, of a yard and two yards wide, and flannels,
Striped and plain swanskins of all prizes, osnaburgs, ticklinburgs & dowlass, blankets of all sorts,
Men, womens and childrens cotton, thread and worsted hose, Mens yarn stockings
Single and double cotton caps, Kilmarnock caps,
Scarlet, crimson and striped worsted caps,
Buckram and slay trimmings of all sorts,
Colored threads of all kinds,
Pest silk twill. Silk and hair,
Mohair and sewing silks of all colors,
Best double washed buttons, some of the most new fashioned white and yellow common ditto
Death head, basket, needle worked, horn and horse hair buttons of all colors.

Horn & ivory combs, penknives, razors, scissors, thimbles, ink pots, shoe, knee & stock buckles, snuff boxes, sleeve buttons, pins & needles of all sorts, writing paper, quills, ink powder, sealing wax and wafers.
Wide & narrow lutestrings very good, and which will be sold at a very low rate.
Light & dark ground calicoes & patches, some very low priced, Mens silk caps,
Striped cotton and bengals,
Half yard and yard wide poplins and crapes.
Worsted damask, grogram and brollies,
Best camlets double and twisted both ways, low priced, Yard wide stuffs,

Green, cloth colored and striped cambleteens,
Yellow canvas, and marking ditto, with crewels and worsted of all shades and colors,
English and Scotch bed ticks, and Plaids,
White, figured and plain fustians and dimothys,
3-4th, 7-8th and yard wide garlix,
Large assortments of Irish linen all widths & prices,
A large assortment of Manchester and Scotch checks,
Some apron width,
Mens long black silk handkerchiefs,
Linen & cotton handkerchiefs, some very large,
Knit patterns for jackets and breeches,
Silk knee straps,
Long silk, and worsted Money purses,

Diaper, Russia linens, table cloths, clouting diaper,
All sorts of garlix and cambric threads, &c.

A large assortment of silver & other ribbons, low priced,
with necklaces, earrings, pendants, head flowers,
breast flowers and soliteers,
Rich crimson, green, white & black sprigged satins and
sarsnets, to be sold near the sterling cost,
A large assortment of capuchin silks of the above
colors, some black as low as 30s. O.T. per yard

A large and fresh assortment of cloth colored
Trimmings for Ladies gowns and sacks,
Snail, lace and gimp of all colors,
Womens silk gloves & mitts, some extraordinary good,
Mens, womens, and childrens worsted, kid & lamb
gloves and mitts,
White and black, blond, trolly and bone lace lappet lace,
Scarlet & white, blue & white, & crimson & white lace,
Plain and flowered gauze,
Parisnet and catgut,
Leather mount, ivory stick, paddle-stick and bone
stick fans. Childrens ditto.

Pealing satins of various colors,
English and India black and colored taffetas, taffeta
Persians, and plain Persians
Wide and narrow common Persians,
Black, white, pink, blue, and crimson ditto,
Large and small English and Indian romal handkerchiefs,
& Barcelona handkerchiefs, by the dozen
or single,
Plain and flowered gauze handkerchiefs.

A large assortment of cambric & lawns, some yard
wide, and flowered lawns,
Broad & narrow binding. Linen & diaper tapes,
Silk, cotton and thread laces, and Silk ferrets,
A large assortment of calamancoes, half yard & half
quarter wide, very good, at 12s. O.T. a yard.
Womens English flowered & plain ruffle shoes of
several colors, & very god, at a Dollar a pair,
Womens Lynn-made calamancoe shoes at 32f6d, and
some at 30s O. T. a pair,
Childrens best made English morocco leather pumps,
Womens English everlasting shoes.
Womens black & colored satin hats and bonnets.
Womens chipt hats and bonnets, &c. &c.

Mace, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, Allspice,
race and ground ginger, pepper, chocolate, coffee
rice, raisins, currants,
Best English mustard.
English loaf sugar by the hundred or single loaf,
at 7s. O.T. by the single pound, and cheaper by
the Quantity.

Very good loaf sugar made here, by the hundred or
single loaf, at 6s. 6d. O.T. per single pound, and
cheaper by the Quantity←

Choice Jamaica and other brown Sugars, by the
barrel, hundred or smaller Quantity, some as low
as 3s. O.T. per single pound and cheaper by the

India China,
Neat blue and white China long Dishes various sizes
enameled Plates, blue and white ditto, enameled
Punch Bowls, blue and white ditto of various sizes,
enameled Cups and Sauces, burnt in ditto, with
blue and white China Cups & Saucers←

Glass, Delph & Stone Ware, both Flowered & Plain.
Such as Decanters, Wine-Glasses, Beakers, Cruets,
Salt-cellars, Stone Plates, Cups & Saucers, Cream-pots,
Tea-pots, Bowls, Mugs, Pickle-pots, &c. by
the Crate, or smaller Quantities.

→Cotton Wool, very good and very cheap.
Kippen’s and Tilloch’s Snuff,
Hard Soap.
The best of Poland and common Starch, by the
Barrel, Hundred, Dozen, or single Pound.

Choice French INDIGO,
by large or small Quantities.

Excellent London BOHEA TEA,
by the Chest, Hundred, Dozen, or half Dozen, or
by the single Pound, half Pound, or Quarter of
a Pound, cheap.
→The above TEA is warranted of the best Kind,
and if it proves otherwise, after trying it, will be
taken back and the Money returned, by the said

N.B. TEA and INDIGO are Articles I am never out of.

→My Town and Country Customers, and others, may depend upon being supplied with all the above Articles the Year round, by Wholesale or Retail, and as cheap in Proportion as those which have the Prices fixed to them, as I deal for Cash only.←