Transcript for: Snow Eggs Recipe


        Snow Eggs

   Take 10 eggs, separate the
yolks from the whites and beat
the whites as you do for the savoy
cake, till you can turn the
vessel bottom upward without
their leaving it; when they are
well beaten put in 2 spoonfuls
of powdered sugar and a little
orange flower water or rose
water if you prefer it.  Put a
pint of milk in a saucepan
with 6 oz sugar and orange
flower or rose water; when
your milk boils, take the
whites, spoonful by spoonful and
do them in the boiling milk;
when sufficiently poached, take
them out and lay them on a sieve.
take out a part of the milk, ac-
cording to the thickness you
wish to give the custard beat

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up the yolks and stir them in
the remainder; as soon as it
thickens take the mixture
from the fire; strain it through
a sieve; dish up your whites
and pour the custard over them.

   A little wine stirred in is a
great improvement.

       James, cook at Monticello.


        Chocolate Cream

   Put on your milk, 1 qt to 2
squares of chocolate; boil it away
one quarter; take it off; let it 
cool; and sweeten it; lay a napkin
in a bowl, put 3 gizzards in the
napkin —— and pass the cream
through it four times, as quick as
possible, one person rubbing the
gizzards with a spoon while another
pours.  Put  it in cups and set the cups
in cold water half way up their
sides.  Set the water on the fire;