Liberty’s Social Media Profile

Lesson Plan


Grade Level

Middle School, High School

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Type of Lesson


Type of Project (Individual/Group/Both)



30-60 minutes

Challenge Question

“Liberty” is a word used a lot by the founding fathers. What would Liberty’s social media page look like?


To get students to think about what the abstract concept of liberty means and how it connects to the people, places, and events they are studying. Students could do this project at the end of a unit to demonstrate their mastery of the topic. Or they could return to this project throughout the year, using liberty as a thematic thread in the curriculum, showing connections throughout time.


  1. Go to Explore. Search the collection for images and quotations that represent the idea of Liberty, Liberty’s friends, and things Liberty might support. Save them to your Collection.
  2. Go to Create. Using the images and quotes you collected, complete the template for Liberty’s social media profile. Use the “Work with Text” tool to create text boxes to complete Liberty’s profile. Keep the the Biographical Summary short and sweet (20 words or less!) For example, “I wrote the Declaration of Independence and was the 3rd president.” For the other fields, list no more than four items.
  3. Use the “Add an Image” tool to add a picture of Liberty on top of the red square and to add three pictures of Liberty’s friends in the friends section.
  4. Be sure to fill out the Rationale section that asks you to explain why you selected what you did!