Explore the daily life of a slave at Monticello

Lesson Plan

Subtitle or Challenge question: During this lesson the learner will use primary and
secondary sources found in the Slavery at Monticello app to determine how slaves
truly impacted the production at Monticello.

Grade level: middle (6-8), high (9-12)

Author Information:

Name: Dustin Brannon
School: Rock Springs Middle School
School Address (opt): Rock Springs Rd.
City: Smyrna
State: TN

Lesson type: Group, individual, both

Duration: 60-90 min two class periods.

Challenge Question or Lesson plan overview:
Describe the different conditions of enslaved individuals at Monticello

Prior knowledge: The learner would benefit in having background knowledge in the plantation system and the social structure in the south.

Objectives/Rationale: Share your thoughts on what students will learn and how you will use this lesson/challenge with your class. Is it a warm-up activity? A concluding activity? Where does it work in your curriculum? This lesson is designed to dive deeper into the daily life of slaves at Monticello. This is designed to be one or two whole class periods. The idea behind this lesson is to split the class up to groups of six and each student research a given slave using the slavery at Monticello app. Once all students have completed this task they will come back whole group and report back to their classmates on their given slave. This will give each child the opportunity to become and expert on one slave and will also allow for
great group discussion. Each guiding question has a group discussion that can be done whole class or in a small group. Once all students have learned information about all slaves they will create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting two different slaves. Overall this should put slavery into prospective and also bring light to the lives of these individuals.

The learner will be able to have a better understanding the daily life of a slave and how they impacted the production at Monticello. Steps: Provide teachers or students with instructions for completing the lesson or challenge, giving step by step directions. Indicate the time needed for each step

• Tablet or Phone
• Download the app Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work at Mulberry Row
• Classroom set of Slavery Guiding Questions
• Powerpoint

Plan of Instruction:
1. Introduction: Ask students to describe in their own words what slavery was and the impact it had on the South.

2. Debrief: As students give answers, list them on the board.

3. TRANSITION: Just as we have previously discussed in class, we know some of the basic principles of slavery. Today, you all are going to have a very unique opportunity to get to personally research some of the slaves that had a large impact at Monticello. Throughout this lesson, you will be reading/listening to deeply personal events and struggles in their life.

4. Have students open the Slavery at Monticello: Life and work on Mulberry Row app and pass out the Guiding Questions.

5. Have students split up into groups of 6 and answer the guiding questions about the slave they are assigned (each group will answer questions about one slave).

6. After students have finished, have the groups report back to the class or small group the information they learned about the given slave (students in the audience will take notes on the slaves they have not yet learned about).

7. (Optional PowerPoint)

8. In conclusion, the teacher will have the students compare and contrast two slaves of their choice in a Venn Diagram. This diagram will be turned in before the students leave. This could also be adapted into a whole class discussion.

CitationsSlavery at Monticello Interactive Lesson complete
Slavery at Monticello App

Assessment criteria:
Each student will be responsible for comparing and contrasting two different slaves. Ideally they will choose slaves from two different perspectives. The students will then create a venn diagram describing the similarities and differences they share. This should be turned into the teacher before the students leave below is a model rubric.

Accommodations: This lesson can be split up into many ways. Each slave discussed in this lesson actually has different levels of blooms higher order thinking questions that go along with it. Each group could have a person answer one question and allow for whole group discussion towards the end.