Jefferson’s Family Enjoying the Parlor


copyright: Thomas Jefferson Foundation; artwork by G. B. McIntosh


Artist G.B. McIntosh imagines Thomas Jefferson and his family entertaining each other in Monticello's Parlor in the summer of 1816. Seen in this picture from left to right are: Mary Jefferson Randolph, age 13; Meriwether Lewis Randolph, age 6; enslaved nursemaid Critta Hemings Bowles, age 44; Septemia Anne Randolph, age 2 (sitting on her grandfather's knee); Cornelia Jefferson Randolph, age 17 playing the harpsichord; Thomas Jefferson, age 73; Virginia Jefferson Randolph, age 15 playing an English guitar; Benjamin Franklin Randolph, age 8 playing chess with his brother James madison Randolph, age 10.

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