Travelin’ TJ


Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.


Help Thomas Jefferson see the modern world!

Print out and color an image of Travelin’ TJ.  Then take a picture of him next to:

  • a national or local landmark
  • your school
  • your house
  • something you think he might enjoy

If you have Flickr account, you can add your image on the Travelin’ TJ  Flickr group.  You may also e-mail** or send it to us at: Monticello Education Department, PO Box 316, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Please include a short description of the place you visit with Travelin’ TJ.   if possible, please include a street address of the site, or impress Jefferson by listing its latitude and longitude coordinates.

**NOTE: please do not send images larger than 1 MB via e-mail

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