Topic: Agriculture & Farming

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Aerial of Monticello Mountain

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Aerial of the South Orchard, Vegetable Garden, and Vineyards

Jefferson grew hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables in his various gardens at Monticello.
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for Middle School Classrooms

A resource guide geared towards middle school classrooms, designed to accompany the 20-minute film Thomas Jefferson’s World...
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for AP High School and College Classrooms

A resource guide designed for advanced placement high school and college classrooms, created to accompany the film THOMAS JEFFERSON’S WORLD...
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"London’s Virginia" Tobacco Label

Tobacco labels appeared on packages of tobacco or snuff. Within a decade of Virginia’s founding, tobacco was the colony’s major export. This label depicts white gentlemen relaxing in leisure while...
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A General View of the Conduct of the French in America

This article in a Maryland newspaper was reprinted from an English source. It acknowledges the fact that by the mid-eighteenth century, many English people had become aware of the importance...
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A Map of the Parish of St. Stephen in Craven Country (Detail)

This detail from a map of South Carolina shows an indigo plant. Enslaved people cultivated the indigo plants which produced a valuable blue dye used in making paper, paints, and...
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Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson

An Overview of the Man
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Albemarle Pippin

The ‘Albemarle Pippin’ was one of Thomas Jefferson’s two favorite apples....
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An Overseer Doing His Duty

This image depicts a white overseer casually supervising the work of enslaved African women cultivating the tobacco crop in Virginia. Although some female slaves were assigned to do traditional women’s...