Topic: Jefferson's Public Life & Politics

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Using Epistolary Forms as Historical/Social Context in Understanding Seminal Texts: Thomas Jefferson’s Letters from Paris, France as a Preclude to Charles Dicken’s, Tale of Two Cities.

This is a Lesson that is part of a six part Unit that serves as the precursor to reading Charles Dickens’ seminal text on social commentary, A Tale of Two...
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VA Statute for Religious Freedom, I. Semantic Map

The objective of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom lesson is to introduce students to this work as a primary source document in order to understand events in history, make...
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Washington in 1801

This copyprint of a watercolor by William Birch shows the completed north wing of the U.S. Capitol in 1801.
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We would never take your land… (do you want to sell it?): Analyzing Jefferson’s language, intent, and policies toward American Indians

In this lesson students will compare two letters written by President Thomas Jefferson around the same time, specifically addressing the issue of acquisition of Native lands by white settlers.  Students...
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We’ve Totally Been Here – A look at Five Visitors to Monticello Throughout Five Different Time Periods in American History

Lesson Overview: This lesson looks at visitors to Monticello during five different time periods throughout Thomas Jefferson’s life. The lesson gives students an idea of travel to Monticello, life at...
Lesson Plan

Who was Thomas Jefferson? Exploring the Many Facets of Thomas Jefferson

As an introduction to Thomas Jefferson, students will discover the many facets of his life beyond being the author of The Declaration of Independence. Using primary sources, internet research, and...