Topic: Labor

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Isaac Jefferson

This photograph shows Isaac Jefferson, a free blacksmith in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1847. Born at Monticello, he was one of ten Jefferson slaves who escaped with the British...
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Plan and Section of a Slave Ship

This image depicts the cramped and inhumane conditions existing on a British slave ship. Anti-slavery advocates publicized such images in order to generate public outrage and garner support...
Lesson Plan

Roles of African-Americans and their lives on Mulberry Row

To analyze primary resources, identify plantation duties and roles, and interpret a memoir of slave descendant.
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"London’s Virginia" Tobacco Label

Tobacco labels appeared on packages of tobacco or snuff. Within a decade of Virginia’s founding, tobacco was the colony’s major export. This label depicts white gentlemen relaxing in...
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A Cooper

This is an image of a cooper, a typical workman in early America. Coopers made a wide variety of wooden barrels or casks which could be filled with...
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A Map of the Parish of St. Stephen in Craven Country (Detail)

This detail from a map of South Carolina shows an indigo plant. Enslaved people cultivated the indigo plants which produced a valuable blue dye used in making paper,...
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An Overseer Doing His Duty

This image depicts a white overseer casually supervising the work of enslaved African women cultivating the tobacco crop in Virginia. Although some female slaves were assigned to do...
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Book of Trades

This image shows a hat-maker working at his trade. In the colonial era, Parliament prohibited Americans from making hats that would compete in the world market with English-made...
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Crowd Supporting Lech Walesa

In Poland, this labor union, Solidarity, led the fight for democracy in the 1980s. Non-violent and anti-communist, Solidarity survived government repression to become a major political force. The...
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Decks of a Slave Ship

This image of a slave ship reflects conditions aboard slave-trading vessels. Although the U.S. had banned the importation of slaves after 1807, other nations continued to engage in...