Topic: Primary Documents & Jefferson Writings

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Declaration of Independence Timeline Activity

The words “all men are created equal” have echoed throughout history. Since 1776, there have been approximately 120 declarations of independence made by different countries and different peoples. This activity...
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Engraving of the Declaration of Independence

Engraving of the Declaration of Independence.
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Fire Bell in the Night

The Missouri Compromise was a difficult time in American history. The question of slavery and states’ rights came to the forefront as America and their leaders debated how to handle...

Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

In early May, 1776, Jefferson traveled to Philadelphia to be a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. After a week’s journey, he arrived in Philadelphia. He was thirty-three years old, the youngest member of the Congress. 

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Runaway Ad

Jefferson ran this ad offering a reward for the return of “Sandy” in “The Virginia Gazette” on September 14, 1769.  ...
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Slavery and the Legacy of Thomas Jefferson

Students will critically evaluate and reflect on information concerning the life of Thomas Jefferson as a slaveholder. They will also examine slavery at Monticello and the effects of Thomas Jefferson’s...
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“A Government Without Newspapers, or Newspapers Without Government:” Jefferson’s Ambivalent Attitude Towards the Press

With more and more discussion lately about “fake news” and the protections of the press guaranteed under the First Amendment, explore how Thomas Jefferson might approach the media today. Through...
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$15 Million Well Spent?

Determining the Purpose of the Corps of Discovery
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Jefferson, the Barbary War, and 9/11: Analyzing Constitutional Principles and Evaluating how America Goes to War

The Barbary War has often been overlooked in the study of American history, but there were significant precedents established by the decision made to take America into it’s first foreign...
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Jefferson’s Economic Plan for the Louisiana Territory

Developed for AP US History coursework. Can be adapted for any level.