Topic: Primary Documents & Jefferson Writings

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Personal Morals vs. Political Moves

Because he wrote that “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, should Thomas Jefferson be thought of as a hypocrite for owning slaves?
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Crusades Against Ignorance: Educating Citizens to Create Change

Students will be using Primary Source Analysis tools and prepared excerpts of various letters from Thomas Jefferson on the subject of education. Through the facilitation of discussion and...
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Did Thomas Jefferson do enough?

Countless documents demonstrate Jefferson’s view on slavery as an “abomination [that] must have an end”, and yet he possessed over 600 slaves in his lifetime; freeing only a...
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Empire of Liberty or Empire of Slavery?

This three-stage lesson explores Thomas Jefferson’s plans to create an “Empire of Liberty” and the problems he faced in realizing his goals. In so doing, it considers the...
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Fry-Jefferson Map of Virginia

Jefferson was very proud of this map which was drawn by his father Peter and Colonel Joshua Fry and first published in 1752.
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Jefferson and Expansion: Scaffolding Student Understanding of Cause and Effect

This lesson focuses on the following prompt: “Analyze the causes of and the resulting issues from the Louisiana Purchase. Concentrate your answer between the years 1790-1820.” The lesson...
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Purposeful Education, According to Thomas Jefferson

This is a document analysis lesson where students will use Jefferson’s ideas to learn about the benefits of pursuing higher education. In a college preparatory course (AVID), this...
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The Election of 1800: Revolutionary Stability

This lesson is a combination of a few different approaches: students will study primary writings of Jefferson and Adams, examine a range of online documents and images in...
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Unalienable Rights – Who Says?

How would different people (from different times) interpret an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence?
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An Architectural Revolutionary

Thomas Jefferson Forges A National Idenity Through Enlightened Design