Topic: Slavery

Lesson Plan

Did Thomas Jefferson do enough?

Countless documents demonstrate Jefferson’s view on slavery as an “abomination [that] must have an end”, and yet he possessed over 600 slaves in his lifetime; freeing only a handful. This...
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Empire of Liberty or Empire of Slavery?

This three-stage lesson explores Thomas Jefferson’s plans to create an “Empire of Liberty” and the problems he faced in realizing his goals. In so doing, it considers the state of...
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Enslavement and the Enslaved at Monticello

In this lesson, lives of enslaved people living at Monticello will be explored, analyzed, and documented by students. Enslaved people such as Sally Hemings and her family, along with other...
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A Deplorable Entanglement: Picturing Race and Gender at Monticello

Students will use image and document analysis to gain an understanding of slave life in general, slave life specifically at Monticello, and how the concepts of race and gender play...
Lesson Plan

Roles of African-Americans and their lives on Mulberry Row

To analyze primary resources, identify plantation duties and roles, and interpret a memoir of slave descendant.
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for Middle School Classrooms

A resource guide geared towards middle school classrooms, designed to accompany the 20-minute film Thomas Jefferson’s World...
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Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for AP High School and College Classrooms

A resource guide designed for advanced placement high school and college classrooms, created to accompany the film THOMAS JEFFERSON’S WORLD...
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"London’s Virginia" Tobacco Label

Tobacco labels appeared on packages of tobacco or snuff. Within a decade of Virginia’s founding, tobacco was the colony’s major export. This label depicts white gentlemen relaxing in leisure while...
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13th Amendment

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, passed by Congress in January 1865 and ratified by the states in December of the same year, proclaimed an end to slavery in the...