Topic: World History

Lesson Plan

Declaration of Independence Timeline Activity

The words “all men are created equal” have echoed throughout history. Since 1776, there have been approximately 120 declarations of independence made by different countries and different peoples. This activity...
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‘Edgehill’ portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart
Lesson Plan

Jefferson, the Barbary War, and 9/11: Analyzing Constitutional Principles and Evaluating how America Goes to War

The Barbary War has often been overlooked in the study of American history, but there were significant precedents established by the decision made to take America into it’s first foreign...
Lesson Plan

Liberty’s Social Media Profile

Liberty is a word used a lot by the founding fathers. What would Libertys social media page look like?
Lesson Plan

Jefferson & Washington: The Pursuit of Happiness

At the time of George Washington’s death in 1799, the relationship between ‘Founding Brothers’ Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had disintegrated, primarily as the result of a personal letter Thomas...
Lesson Plan

Protecting that Ball of Liberty: Comparing Jeffersonian and Wilsonian Views Of Democracy In the World

Students will compare the foreign policy of both Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson by completing a comparison chart. The chart requires students to recall background context, find examples of whether...
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Lansdowne Portrait of George Washington

This portrait of George Washington was painted in 1796 by Gilbert Stuart. Known as the Landsdowne portrait, it is one of the most famous images of the first president. Portraying...
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A New Map of the World

This 1719 map provides a comprehensive overview of the world as it was understood in the early eighteenth century. Although the map accurately depicts the continents of Africa and Asia,...
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Abraham Lincoln’s Address at Independence Hall

A month before he took office, president-elect Lincoln gave this speech in which he explained why he could not accept the secession of the southern states. The Declaration of Independence,...
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Adoption of the Polish Constitution

This painting depicts the adoption of the Polish constitution of 1791, just four years after the U.S. produced the world’s first written constitution. The Polish document, which introduced constitutional monarchy...