Topic: World History

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‘Edgehill’ portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart
Lesson Plan

Liberty’s Social Media Profile

Liberty is a word used a lot by the founding fathers. What would Libertys social media page look like?
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Lansdowne Portrait of George Washington

This portrait of George Washington was painted in 1796 by Gilbert Stuart. Known as the Landsdowne portrait, it is one of the most famous images of the first...
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A New Map of the World

This 1719 map provides a comprehensive overview of the world as it was understood in the early eighteenth century. Although the map accurately depicts the continents of Africa...
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Abraham Lincoln’s Address at Independence Hall

A month before he took office, president-elect Lincoln gave this speech in which he explained why he could not accept the secession of the southern states. The Declaration...
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Adoption of the Polish Constitution

This painting depicts the adoption of the Polish constitution of 1791, just four years after the U.S. produced the world’s first written constitution. The Polish document, which introduced...
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Battle at San Domingo

This painting shows Polish troops (who were employed by the French) fighting Haitian revolutionaries in 1791. Blacks in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) wanted to end slavery and French imperial...
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Black South Africans Vote

South African’s black majority voted for the first time in these 1994 elections. The result was the end of white minority rule. The African National Congress became the...
Lesson Plan

Challenge 1

This will be the overall project
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Crowd During Velvet Revolution

This photograph shows demonstrators during the Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia’s non-violent pro-democracy movement. As the Soviet Union collapsed, Communist governments fell throughout Eastern Europe. In late 1989, peaceful protest...