Topic: Jefferson's Public Life & Politics

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Revise and Finalize: The Declaration of Independence from the Rough Draft to the Final Copy

This lesson focuses on comparing Thomas Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence with the final copy. Examining the creation of the Declaration of Independence will deepen...
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Thomas Jefferson

Copy of a portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale; copy by James L. Dick.

Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

Thomas Jefferson wanted his tombstone to list the “things that he had given the people.” It reads: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence of The Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom And Father of the University of Virginia.” Why did Jefferson want the Statute for Religious Freedom on his tombstone?America…


Jefferson and the beginning of the American Revolution

From 1775 to 1783, American Patriots fought the British. The war was called the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson never fought as a soldier. Instead he used powerful words to fight for independence.


Jefferson and the end of the American Revolution

             In September 1776, Thomas Jefferson left Congress. In 1779, he was elected governor of Virginia. This was during the Revolutionary War. As governor Jefferson had to raise troops, weapons and supplies for the war.  However, early in the war, the British had not fought in Virginia.             That changed in early 1781, British soldier Benedict…

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Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom

Thomas Jefferson. “An Act for Establishing Religious Freedom,” 16 January 1786. Manuscript. Records of the General Assembly, Enrolled Bills, Record Group 78. Lab# 07_0071_01. Jefferson’s Bill for Religious...
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Jefferson Nickel Artwork

Artwork for the Jefferson Nickel, which was redesigned in 2006....
Lesson Plan

Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for Middle School Classrooms

A resource guide geared towards middle school classrooms, designed to accompany the 20-minute film Thomas Jefferson’s World...
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Alexander Hamilton

Jefferson's bust of Alexander Hamilton by Giuseppe Ceracchi
Lesson Plan

Thomas Jefferson’s World: Movie Guide for AP High School and College Classrooms

A resource guide designed for advanced placement high school and college classrooms, created to accompany the film THOMAS JEFFERSON’S WORLD...