Topic: U.S. History

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Present Day Parlor Portrait Pix

Monticello, Jeffersons home, is a reflection and a metaphor of Thomas Jeffersons life. Throughout his home, Jefferson displays numerous portraits of influential and inspiring people. In his parlor,...
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‘Edgehill’ portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart
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What Does July 4th Mean to You?

July 4th brings to mind fireworks, parades, and picnics but what are we celebrating when we remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence? What does July 4th...
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Liberty’s Social Media Profile

Liberty is a word used a lot by the founding fathers. What would Libertys social media page look like?
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Explore the daily life of a slave at Monticello

During this lesson the learner will use primary and secondary sources found in the Slavery at Monticello app to determine how slaves truly impacted the production at Monticello....
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Frenemies: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

In this lesson, students will complete a Nearpod that discusses the philosophical and political differences between Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Ideally this lesson comes after the completion...
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The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom DBQ

Students will explore primary sources to gain a full understanding of the context, content, and lasting impact of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Students will evaluate primary...
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Enslavement and the Enslaved at Monticello

In this lesson, lives of enslaved people living at Monticello will be explored, analyzed, and documented by students. Enslaved people such as Sally Hemings and her family, along...
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Jefferson and Expansion: Scaffolding Student Understanding of Cause and Effect

This lesson focuses on the following prompt: “Analyze the causes of and the resulting issues from the Louisiana Purchase. Concentrate your answer between the years 1790-1820.” The lesson...
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The Election of 1800: Revolutionary Stability

This lesson is a combination of a few different approaches: students will study primary writings of Jefferson and Adams, examine a range of online documents and images in...