Founding Daughter: Commemorating the Life & Leadership of Martha Jefferson Randolph

Duration: 120 min

After researching the life of Martha Jefferson Randolph, students will formulate questions, interpret primary sources and construct evidence to support an argument. Students will be able to answer essential questions, discuss their assumptions and predictions, comment on comparisons and agree amiably. Mastery may be demonstrated through art, literature analysis or object lessons.

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Grade Level

High School, Middle School

Type of Lesson

Research Project

Interdisciplinary Connections


Common Core Standards

CCSS.ELA-Literacy RH.9-10.9 (National Common Core)

Compare and contrast treatment of a primary document.

Clarifying Standards/Standards Alignment: (North Carolina standard)

American History I: AH1.H.1.1:
♣ Formulate questions.

♣ Interpret a primary source.

♣ Construct evidence to support an argument.

♣ Interpret period attire.

Author Info

Theresa P. Pierce
Rowan County Early College High School
P.O. Box 1595
Salisbury, North Carolina 28145