Textiles at Monticello: Gender and Work

Duration: 4 days

The purpose this overview is to alert teachers to the fact that there are three lesson plans that can either be used together or separately.Lesson 1. Uses secondary sources to teach the nature of textile fibers and the processes used to turn them into textiles.Lesson 2. Uses secondary sources to describe the manufacture of textiles at Monticello as…

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Handouts (PDF Format)
  • Document A - 'A prisoner, released from his chains'     View  |  Download
  • Document B - 'The Spirit of Manufacture'     View  |  Download
  • Document C - 'A plan for the merinos'     View  |  Download
  • Document E - 'Reconciliation', part 2     View  |  Download
  • Document F - 'War with England'     View  |  Download
  • Document G - 'War with England', part 2     View  |  Download
  • Document H - 'A Radical Difference of Political Difference'     View  |  Download
  • Chart of Fiber Production and Processing     View  |  Download
  • Chart Fiber Production and Processing (Teacher Example)     View  |  Download
  • Chart of Thomas Jefferson Letters on Textile Manufacture     View  |  Download
  • Chart of Thomas Jefferson Letters on Textile Manufacture (Teacher Example)     View  |  Download
  • Wheel and Reels     View  |  Download
  • 'A Plan for the Merinos' letter to James Madison     View  |  Download
  • Fiber Production and Processing     View  |  Download
  • Knitting     View  |  Download
  • Spinning and Knitting     View  |  Download
  • Spinning     View  |  Download
  • Textile Machines: Ring Spinning and Cotton Mule     View  |  Download
  • Weaving     View  |  Download
  • Weaving Moves into the Mills     View  |  Download
  • Spinning, Weaving, Cloth at Monticello     View  |  Download
  • The Monticello Textile Factory     View  |  Download
  • Home Manufacturing     View  |  Download
  • The Process of Making Textiles     View  |  Download
  • Questions for Documents A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H     View  |  Download

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